4 Simple Tips to Eliminate Stress During Retirement

4 Simple Tips to Eliminate Stress During Retirement | Jitterbug

Believe it or not, retirement may actually be the sources of your stress.

In a perfect world, the retirement years should be a time of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment for those who have worked their entire lives, but that’s not always the case.

Many older Americans suffer from more stress than they did back in the days when they were trying to juggle a career and raise a family, and this state of constant stress can leave seniors unable to enjoy these later years. A variety of life changes can cause anyone at any age to become stressed, but it’s much more difficult for senior citizens to relax after a stressful event has occurred.

This is simply due to the natural aging process, but there are still things that you can do to tame the stress and feel better.

Reduce Stress

There are many different situations that may cause the older generation to experience stress, but there are also ways to better deal with these issues so that stress isn’t a regular presence in your life. These are just a few tips to help you live a simpler, lower-stress lifestyle.

1. Reach Out for Help

Many older people shoulder the responsibility for an ill spouse without any help whatsoever, and this can be an overwhelming challenge.

Of course you want to be there for your spouse, but it’s not good for either of you to do it all alone. You’ll have much less stress when others are allowed to help.

Most insurance policies will pay for a nurse to come a few hours a day, and you can ask your doctor about other programs that will give you a break and a helping hand.

2. Stay Involved

Senior citizens who suddenly find themselves alone after a lifetime of daily involvement with friends, co-workers and family often suffer from stress due to feelings of isolation.

There’s no reason for this because the world is full of people just like you who could use some company.

Join your local senior center, or you can join an exercise class or any number of clubs that you may be interested in. Those who are fond of children may enjoy participating in the national program known as Foster Grandparents.

3. Choose a Simple Mobile Phone

You need a cell phone for seniors.

It’s important that you have a simple mobile phone so that you’ll always be able to stay connected, but there’s no need for you to have to feel stress about how many overages you’ll be charged for at the end of the month.

Many of today’s fancy, over-priced phones can easily cost you a small fortune, but you can get everything that you need from a simple mobile phone that charges as little as $14.99 per month with no surprises.

4. Take Care of Your Health

Fear of failing health is a leading cause of stress in senior citizens, but you’ll stop being stressed about it once you begin to take proper care of yourself.

See your doctor for a full check-up, and then be sure to follow up on any potential issues that are identified. Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight, limit the consumption of junk food in favor of healthy vegetables, fruits and lean meat, avoid smoking or drinking too much alcohol and keep your mind sharp with regular interaction with other people.

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