9 Exciting Facts About Aging

9 Exciting Facts About Aging

There are pros and cons to getting older.

We tend to look for answers online, so there’s a heavy focus on the challenges. Today we wanted to share a few of the more positive, exciting things about aging. Take a look at this list of facts and let us know what you’re excited about.

9 Exciting Facts About Aging

  1. In some ways, your mind may actually be sharper.
  2. Sharper mind
  3. You are able to handle social conflicts more effectively.
  4. Your vote counts more than ever.
  5. You are probably enduring fewer migraines.
  6. Your sex life may be better.
  7. You aren’t nearly as stressed as you used to be.
  8. Your marriage is stronger.
  9. You like your job more.

One recent study found that people were happiest in youth and then again in their 70s and early 80s
Another study found that people between 65 – 85 experienced increased levels of happiness.

So, what are you excited about?

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