Cell Phones for Seniors- 5 Features to Look For

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Cell phones for seniors have come a long way in the past several years, and many smartphones are essentially like carrying a computer in your pocket. While all the bells and whistles are great for some people, others find them overly complicated for every day use. Seniors, especially, have unique needs that require a simpler design, and finding the right one makes it easy for them to keep in touch with their loved ones and have a direct line to seek help in an emergency. As you explore potential phones for your favorite senior adult, here are the features that will get them excited about using their new cell phone. Here are some of the features you should consider when looking for a cell phone for seniors.

Clear Visibility
As a person ages, it is common to experience some degree of vision loss. Unfortunately, many cell phones on the market have tiny text that requires a senior to have to constantly zoom in or get their magnifying lenses. For this reason, you will want to find a phone that has large numbers and icons on their buttons. A backlit screen also increases visibility so that seniors can use their phone in any type of lighting.

Simple Navigation
As anyone who has ever bought a new phone knows, learning how to navigate through the apps and screens is complicated. Therefore, you want to find a phone that requires virtually no navigation. A phone designed with seniors in mind will have simple yes and no buttons instead of the usual icons. Arrows to scroll up or down should also be centrally located so that there is no question about how to operate the phone to make a call.

Speaker Amplification
In addition to vision loss, many seniors struggle with hearing, which makes it impossible to talk on a phone. Hearing aids also pose additional challenges if they generate feedback that makes talking difficult. Cell phones for seniors use extra amplification to make sure seniors can hear their loved ones speaking. You should also check to make sure a phone is compatible with your loved one’s hearing aids before making your final decision.

Senior-Friendly Design
Forgetting to turn off a phone can result in embarrassing accidental phone calls. Since many smartphones use small buttons, it is easy for a senior to forget to shut it down. Interestingly, the classic flip-style phone design is perfect for ensuring that seniors never have to worry about dialing on accident while their phone is in their pocket.

Instant Assistance
Those who grew up in the era of wired phones appreciate customer service and will not hesitate to ask for help when they need it. Look for a phone that provides instant access to an operator who can provide assistance and even place a call for the senior if they need it. This feature can also serve as an additional level of safety since your loved one can use this service to place a call during an emergency.

Once you have the basic features down, be sure to look for additional elements on the phone that will be fun for your loved one. For example, built-in cameras with a simple design will enable them to snap photos of their grandchildren to show off to their friends. While most seniors could care less about the usual apps, they do appreciate having a flashlight to help them see in dark places. By finding a phone that combines practicality with a few extra fun features, your loved one will love how convenient it is to carry a phone in their pocket.


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