In the Market For a New Charging Cradle? Tips on How to Find the Right One

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Your smart phone goes just about everywhere that you go. In between outings, there’s the need to make sure the phone is fully charged. One of the best ways to be keep it charged whether at home or on the go is to invest in a charging cradle. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right model.

Compatible with Your Phone

While there are some phone accessories that can be used with more than one brand or model, charging cradles are not one of them. If a cradle has caught your eye, find out if it happens to be compatible with the brand and the model you own. Most manufacturers provide a list of compatible brands on the back of the packaging. If you don’t see your phone’s brand listed, move on to another choice.

How Versatile is the Charger?

Did you know that some cradles can be used in more than one setting? The right cradle will come with a cord that connects to the phone proper and then plugs into some type of wall adapter. For example, one end may come with a standard USB plug that will fit into the corresponding connector on the wall adapter.

This arrangement will allow you to charge the phone in more than one setting. Along with plugging the charger directly into a wall outlet, you can also remove the adapter and connect the phone to your desktop or laptop computer. As you work, the phone will be charging.

The ability to charge your phone via a computer could some with one other benefit. As you charge, it may be possible to download data from your phone to the computer hard drive. Alternatively, you may be able to upload music files and other data from the hard drive to the phone. Since not all chargers include this function, check the features list to see if this particular capability is included.

Remember that the latest makes and models of vehicles often include a USB port or two as part of the dash console. That makes it easy to plug in the phone and allow it to charge while you’re driving.

Charging a Second Battery

Some chargers also include a slot for charging a second battery. This is a great solution for people who spend a lot of time each day using the phone. As the battery inside your phone charges, the backup battery can be placed in the slot and replenished for use the following day. That should be enough to get you through the day even if you spend most of your time making conference calls and running Internet searches.

Don’t Forget the Check the Warranty

As with any electronics purchase, find out what type of warranty and guarantee comes with the charger. You may find that the guarantee and scope of warranty coverage for a certain model is not all that great. When possible, try to lock in the best possible coverage for your device. If something does go wrong, getting a replacement will be easier and less expensive.

Take some time to day and learn more about charging cradles and what they can do. Consider which features would come in handy, and focus on models that include those functions. With a little time and effort, you’ll find one that’s ideal for your needs.


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