Senior Isolation – How To Help Seniors Avoid Feeling Alone

Senior Isolation | Jitterbug

Senior isolation is a common problem faced by the elderly today, and sadly, this problem is only becoming more prevalent as time progresses. As the population continues to increase in size, the likelihood of senior isolation grows as well. So what are some ways to help prevent senior isolation and improve the way of living […]

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Show Your Senior Loved One How Emergency Cell Phone Plans Promote Safety

  Senior adults who spend time alone need a reliable way to ask for help in an emergency. Yet, many seniors balk at the prospect of getting a cell phone because they are worried about learning to use new technology or have concerns about the cost. In fact, it can be frustrating when a senior […]

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The Elderly Are Happier Than Millenials

Surprisingly, a new study has discovered that the older you are the more happy you can be. We tend to covet the young as a culture, every ad, every product, every TV show and movie seems almost always directed towards the young, but don’t underestimate the power of wisdom and life experience. A study conducted […]

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Technology & Senior Assisted Living

Many people have the misconception that seniors are technology illiterate, this simply isn’t true! Modern seniors have gained a variety of knowledge about technology just as much as their millennial counterparts. So what kind of technology is being the most used by seniors today and what is the most useful to them? Facebook, Skype, Facetime […]

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Communication Is Key to Avoiding Social Isolation

Lack of communication can result in social isolation for seniors, which has a negative impact on your mental health. Learn how the Jitterbug phone can help.

  One of the biggest problems seniors face is the feeling of social isolation. Social isolation has a negative impact on your overall mental health, and can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. For this reason, it’s important to consider what you can do to avoid this maintain a positive mindset. Communication is perhaps […]

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