Show Your Senior Loved One How Emergency Cell Phone Plans Promote Safety


Senior adults who spend time alone need a reliable way to ask for help in an emergency. Yet, many seniors balk at the prospect of getting a cell phone because they are worried about learning to use new technology or have concerns about the cost. In fact, it can be frustrating when a senior loved one clings to their old home phone because you know the lack of mobility makes them useless since a major health crisis could occur anywhere. Fortunately, you and your senior loved one can reach a happy compromise by exploring the benefits offered by emergency cell phone plans designed specifically for older adults.

Affordable Rate Plans
Today, many cell phone companies tout the benefits of unlimited calling and texting plans in an effort to charge more a month. For a senior living on a retirement budget, these plans are not only too expensive, but they should not have to pay for minutes that they will never use. This is exactly why emergency cell phone plans offer several rate packages from which seniors can choose. For example, you can pick a plan with low minutes if you know they will only use it if a health crisis occurs. It is important to note, however, that you can pick a plan with unlimited minutes for your loved one if they plan to use their phone for normal communication.

Health and Safety Services
With an emergency phone plan, your senior loved one is never truly alone. This is because these plans offer packages designed to provide instant reassurance at the touch of a button. Certified agents answer these emergency calls around the clock, and they can provide assistance to your loved one anytime they have a request. From talking to your loved one as they walk to their mailbox in the evening to helping them identify their location if they get lost, it is like having a virtual assistant in your loved one’s pocket.

Medication Reminders and Check-Ins
Unlike other types of cell phone plans, one designed for emergencies also provides services to prevent health problems in seniors. For example, your loved one can keep track of their medication using special alerts. You can also arrange for an agent to provide your loved one with a daily check-in phone call to make sure all is well. Once a week, your loved one can benefit from speaking with a wellness coach who understands their medical history and can provide feedback about the best methods to stay healthy.

Senior-Friendly Phones
Choosing the right phone is critical to getting your loved one on board with trying out a cell phone plan. Fortunately, phones designed for seniors are simple to learn how to use, and they come with features that enhance an older adult’s experience. From backlit buttons with large printed numbers to amplified speakers that are compatible with hearing aids, your loved one will be able to hear and see better than they do on their home phone.

Keeping your loved one safe is your highest priority, yet it takes a little convincing to get seniors on board with using a cell phone. With an emergency cell phone plan designed specifically for seniors, showing your loved one the benefits for their health and safety is simple, clear and affordable.


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