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9 Exciting Facts About Aging

There isn’t enough focus on the positive aspects of aging, so we wanted to take a moment to share some exciting facts that will remind you just how good aging can be.

10 Types of Technology for Older Adults

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of technology available today, you’re not alone. It feels like every other week there’s some new product or advancement in the news. Let’s keep things simple and focus on ten types of technology that actually benefit older adults.

Five Useful Ways to Stay Independent As A Senior

Remaining independent is one of the concerns most of us experience as we get older, so we thought we would share a few ways you can do that as your approach your senior years.

Jitterbug is A Must-Have Cell Phone For Seniors According to Forbes

The Jitterbug phone is popular among seniors due to its ease of use and basic functionality. It’s a phone designed to place and receive phone calls … who would have thought!? If you’re overwhelmed by the increasing functionality phones pack these days, consider bringing it back to the basics with out simple-to-use flip phone for seniors.

Ease Arthritis Pain With These Five Products

Medicine can be very helpful in easing arthritis, but it doesn’t remedy the causes of arthritic pain. Take a look at the following five products to learn more about making your daily activity easier on your joints.

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