Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly

Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly | Jitterbug Direct

What do you know about assistive technology for elderly folks?

Senior friendly technology is on the rise, as the baby boomer generation is quickly catching up with younger generations on their tech savvy capabilities.

Many senior living communities have taken notice of a need for a more technology immersive environment for their residents, which makes sense, more than half of all seniors own smart phones and use the internet daily.

Senior housing has adjusted their amenities to suit the technological demand with features like technology classes teaching residents how to use Skype and Facebook as well as apps that may interest them like brain teasers and puzzle games.

Keeping seniors engaged through the use of modern tech is a great way to ensure they stay current with what’s happening in the world, as well as what’s happening with their loved ones and friends.

Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly

Here are some of the best uses of assistive technology for elderly folks:

  • Personal devices  – Whether it’s a phone or tablet, these mobile devices make it easy for elderly folks to see and interact
  • Cell phones with large buttons.
  • Adaptive kitchen equipment
  • Skype is a fantastic app for seniors who want to stay social and keep in touch with family who are close by and long distance with the added benefit of seeing the other person in real time. This is a great way to overcome social isolation.
  • Brain teaser games or health tracking apps are perfect for seniors who want to stay in good mental and physical shape as they age.

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