Baby Boomers – Why Moving Out May Help You In The Long Run

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Baby boomers have a lot to consider when thinking about retirement, one of the top considerations is whether or not to move.

Most seniors expect to live out the rest of their lives in the house they raised their families in, leaving it behind for their children and grandchildren.

But how realistic is this idea?

As people age their needs change drastically, the house that once served so well for raising a family may not be so ideal for living as a senior.

Here are some of the many reasons seniors may need to consider moving:

  • Upkeep of the lawn/garden/backyard is overwhelming
  • Unable to afford mortgage
  • Feeling alone in their suburban neighborhoods

Baby boomers can greatly benefit from downsizing, and maybe should consider the option of a senior living facility to form new friendships/avoid isolation, as well as receive care from on site workers.

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