4 Reasons Hearing Aid Compatible Cell Phones Help Eldelry

Hearing Aid Compatible Cell Phones

Hearing aids and cell phones are two pieces of technology that keep seniors safe and enhance their quality of life.

In the past, seniors sometimes had to choose between one or the other due to distorted sounds and negative feedback that occurred when they were use together. Now, however, seniors can enjoy being able to use hearing aid compatible cell phones that comes with a M4/T4 rating and provides additional features to enhance a senior’s experience when making and receiving phone calls.

Let’s take a closer look.

Audio Options

Depending upon the severity and cause of a senior’s hearing loss, they may need to adjust the sound on their phone to work better in certain conditions.

For example, a senior may prefer to use a speakerphone option that will allow them to keep their phone at a distance from their ear and mimic the sounds of normal speech better. In a crowded room, however, they may need to be able to hold it to their ear to cut out some of the background noise.

Having the choice to seamlessly choose between the two is an important feature to include on a senior’s phone.

Visual Enhancements

Seniors with hearing loss also struggle with other conditions that affect their ability to use a cell phone.

For this reason, senior-friendly cell phones should have larger buttons and numbers along with a backlit screen that makes it easier to see. Instead of icons, simple words such as yes or no should be used for navigation.

Separate screens also make it easier for seniors to see what they are doing when they are calling a loved one. Instead of complicated buttons or procedures for ending phone calls, seniors simply flip their phone shut when they are done.

Hands-Free Calling

There are many times when a senior may not be able to use their hands to dial the phone.

In the best case scenario, they are simply busy cooking or gardening and want to call a friend to chat. Alternatively, a senior could be injured or experiencing a health issue such as severe arthritis that makes dialing impossible.

For this reason, hearing aid compatible phones also include voice dialing features that allow a senior to simply speak the name of a pre-programmed contact to make a call. When this is combined with the speaker phone feature, a senior can make and complete an entire call without having to use their hands.

Medical and Safety Assistance

The person on the receiving end of a senior’s phone call is sometimes the first point of contact they have when they are dealing with an emergency.

Fortunately, hearing aid compatible phones can be combined with services that provide trained support for seniors during a medical crisis that ensures their safety. When a senior has access to this type of service, their emergency phone call is met with assistance from a live person who can assess the senior’s situation, identify their location and contact emergency services in their area if it is warranted.

Seniors are sometimes reluctant to use a cell phone due to issues with the compatibility between their hearing aids and the mobile device.

Simply choosing a phone that is compatible with hearing aids changes a senior’s comfort with using new technology and offers them additional features that enhance their safety and well-being.

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