Cell Phones With Large Buttons Are Easier for Elderly

Cell Phones With Large Buttons Are Easier Elderly

Looking for cell phones with large buttons? If you experience stiff joints or vision impairments, then you know how difficult it can be to place calls or text your loved ones. Fortunately, cell phones with large buttons make that easy again. Here are a few examples of people that love phones with the more prominent buttons. […]

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In the Market For a New Charging Cradle? Tips on How to Find the Right One

charging cradle | Jitterbug

Your smart phone goes just about everywhere that you go. In between outings, there’s the need to make sure the phone is fully charged. One of the best ways to be keep it charged whether at home or on the go is to invest in a charging cradle. Here are some tips that will help […]

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Cell Phones for Seniors- 5 Features to Look For

Cell Phones For Seniors | Jitterbug Direct

Cell phones for seniors have come a long way in the past several years, and many smartphones are essentially like carrying a computer in your pocket. While all the bells and whistles are great for some people, others find them overly complicated for every day use. Seniors, especially, have unique needs that require a simpler […]

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Show Your Senior Loved One How Emergency Cell Phone Plans Promote Safety

  Senior adults who spend time alone need a reliable way to ask for help in an emergency. Yet, many seniors balk at the prospect of getting a cell phone because they are worried about learning to use new technology or have concerns about the cost. In fact, it can be frustrating when a senior […]

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Technology & Senior Assisted Living

Many people have the misconception that seniors are technology illiterate, this simply isn’t true! Modern seniors have gained a variety of knowledge about technology just as much as their millennial counterparts. So what kind of technology is being the most used by seniors today and what is the most useful to them? Facebook, Skype, Facetime […]

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A Cell Phone With Large Buttons and 4 Other Helpful Solutions

A Cell Phone With Large Buttons and Other Helpful Solutions

Looking for a cell phone with large buttons? If you live with arthritis or experience similar pain, you may want to – a cell phone with large buttons is made specifically to ease the pain of every day living. Millions of people around the world suffer from arthritis, and this condition is much more prevalent […]

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