Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly

Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly | Jitterbug Direct

What do you know about assistive technology for elderly folks? Senior friendly technology is on the rise, as the baby boomer generation is quickly catching up with younger generations on their tech savvy capabilities. Many senior living communities have taken notice of a need for a more technology immersive environment for their residents, which makes […]

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Senior Health – How Socializing Keeps Seniors Healthier

Senior Health | Jitterbug

Seniors want to stay sharp as they age, and staying healthy is key to achieving this goal. Senior health and wellness has a lot to do with how often seniors are getting out and socializing with people their own age. Seniors need to feel supported and stay engaged actively in their community in order to […]

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In the Market For a New Charging Cradle? Tips on How to Find the Right One

charging cradle | Jitterbug

Your smart phone goes just about everywhere that you go. In between outings, there’s the need to make sure the phone is fully charged. One of the best ways to be keep it charged whether at home or on the go is to invest in a charging cradle. Here are some tips that will help […]

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Caretakers- Be Sure To Care For Yourself Too

caretakers | Jitterbug

There are millions of caretakers in the US alone, caretakers are responsible for so much more than just cleaning up after someone, they change and help so many lives. Caretakers make sacrifices everyday for the good of their patients and the loved ones of their patients as well. It’s easy to take for granted or […]

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Cell Phones for Seniors- 5 Features to Look For

Cell Phones For Seniors | Jitterbug Direct

Cell phones for seniors have come a long way in the past several years, and many smartphones are essentially like carrying a computer in your pocket. While all the bells and whistles are great for some people, others find them overly complicated for every day use. Seniors, especially, have unique needs that require a simpler […]

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Senior Isolation – How To Help Seniors Avoid Feeling Alone

Senior Isolation | Jitterbug

Senior isolation is a common problem faced by the elderly today, and sadly, this problem is only becoming more prevalent as time progresses. As the population continues to increase in size, the likelihood of senior isolation grows as well. So what are some ways to help prevent senior isolation and improve the way of living […]

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Communication Is Key to Avoiding Social Isolation

Lack of communication can result in social isolation for seniors, which has a negative impact on your mental health. Learn how the Jitterbug phone can help.

  One of the biggest problems seniors face is the feeling of social isolation. Social isolation has a negative impact on your overall mental health, and can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. For this reason, it’s important to consider what you can do to avoid this maintain a positive mindset. Communication is perhaps […]

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