Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly

Types of Assistive Technology for Elderly | Jitterbug Direct

What do you know about assistive technology for elderly folks? Senior friendly technology is on the rise, as the baby boomer generation is quickly catching up with younger generations on their tech savvy capabilities. Many senior living communities have taken notice of a need for a more technology immersive environment for their residents, which makes […]

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Cell Phones With Large Buttons Are Easier for Elderly

Cell Phones With Large Buttons Are Easier Elderly

Looking for cell phones with large buttons? If you experience stiff joints or vision impairments, then you know how difficult it can be to place calls or text your loved ones. Fortunately, cell phones with large buttons make that easy again. Here are a few examples of people that love phones with the more prominent buttons. […]

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Considerations For Retirement Locations

Retirement Locations

Choosing retirement locations is a difficult but exciting decision to make, you’ve probably had an image of spending your twilight years by the ocean, or in a cozy cabin. There are many things to consider when deciding on the right retirement location: A Retirement Locations Checklist Use this quick checklist to evaluate places to live before you […]

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Senior Health – How Socializing Keeps Seniors Healthier

Senior Health | Jitterbug

Seniors want to stay sharp as they age, and staying healthy is key to achieving this goal. Senior health and wellness has a lot to do with how often seniors are getting out and socializing with people their own age. Seniors need to feel supported and stay engaged actively in their community in order to […]

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Caretakers- Be Sure To Care For Yourself Too

caretakers | Jitterbug

There are millions of caretakers in the US alone, caretakers are responsible for so much more than just cleaning up after someone, they change and help so many lives. Caretakers make sacrifices everyday for the good of their patients and the loved ones of their patients as well. It’s easy to take for granted or […]

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Retirement – How To Stay Sharp

retirement | Jitterbug Direct

We are all afraid to get to where we find that we aren’t productive members of society, seniors may have this fear increased after retirement. Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of productivity, but you if seniors find they lack purpose without a 9 to 5 job everyday, there are some alternatives to consider […]

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